About us

Our Mission. Inspire others to enjoy living ― to jump, to work, to write, to create, to improve, to make
breakthroughs, to relax, to cry, to rejoice, to laugh, to invent something new, to act, to dance, to give and to love.

Our Goal

Set up 23 vivid restaurants

By restaurant we mean a tavern, bar, pub, cafe, restaurant, coffee shop, pastry shop, tavern and others.

A vivid restaurant is a simple tavern or bar which has a soul.

Our Values:

  • People  — our open and honest attitude to everyone
  • Nature — our environmental friendly attitude towards the outside world
  • Innovations — creation of new directions
Development strategy

Modern Restaurants

  • 1. Organic food
  • 2. Healthy cooking methods
  • 3. Natural materials
  • 4. Sustainable organic expendable materials
  • 5. Rational energy
  • 6. Social platform
  • 7. Happy people