Jam Cafe

About the restaurant

Jam Cafe in the Jam Factory Art Center is a bistro where familiar products are served in new interpretations.

Doughnuts with liver, cheesecake made from blood curd, honey cake, the composition of which contains white mushrooms in a delicate raspberry cream - you will find all this on the menu of the cafe.

European-Ukrainian dishes with Asian notes and modern servings interpreted by chef Anna Melnyk and brand-chef of the 23.Restaurant network Olena Zhabotynska. We reveal the tastes of food in a creative bistro format.

Seasonality of products, quality, naturalness are important to us - we choose farm products from local producers. We also pay great attention to working with our own products: we marinate and ferment the ingredients of the dishes ourselves, bake pastries and bread, and our signature jam from twenty-three berries is available on the shelves of the cafe shop.


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