About the company

Food — is our passion and we are its researchers. Choosing suppliers, products and employees is our daily work. 

We have a hundreds of values, but the main ones are three: people, nature and innovation.

People are our employees and guests, and exactly in that order.

Nature  means the fulfillment of UN Constant Development Goal number 12. Responsible consumption and production. Our goal –  reducing food waste by half, conscious consumption of foods.

Innovation — we work on the best software and combine things that are incompatible.


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Our business was created not for an idea, but for a team. It was not so important for us what to do as to work together. In the restaurant industry, as well as in Ivano-Frankivsk, we found ourselves accidently - we fell in love with this business and this city, so as a result, company «23.restorany» was born.

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  • Yurii Fyliuk
    Yurii Fyliuk Yurii Fyliuk Co-founder

  • Oleksandr Tokmylenko
    Oleksandr Tokmylenko Oleksandr Tokmylenko Co-founder

  • Alina Tokmylenko
    Alina Tokmylenko Alina Tokmylenko Сo-founder

  • Olena Zhabotynska
    Olena Zhabotynska Olena Zhabotynska Chef of company, partner

  • Svitlana Pylypiuk
    Svitlana Pylypiuk Svitlana Pylypiuk Director of the compaty

  • Oksana Kaminska
    Oksana Kaminska Oksana Kaminska Director of company development

  • Diana Knyshuk
    Diana Knyshuk Diana Knyshuk HR-director

  • Nadiia Dushil
    Nadiia Dushil Nadiia Dushil Financial director

  • Yevheniia Telebei
    Yevheniia Telebei Yevheniia Telebei Head of the marketing department

  • Maksym Mykytyn
    Maksym Mykytyn Maksym Mykytyn System administrator of the company

  • Olga Chorna
    Olga Chorna Olga Chorna Director of the сafe Delikacia

  • Olga Kaminska
    Olga Kaminska Olga Kaminska Director of the restaurant Fabbrica

  • Inna Naum
    Inna Naum Inna Naum Director Urban Space 100

  • Olia-Orysia Decyk
    Olia-Orysia Decyk Olia-Orysia Decyk The manager of Manufactura cafe

  • Yevheniia Zamora
    Yevheniia Zamora Yevheniia Zamora Director of the PromBar&b93l4d

  • Bohdana Hoholiuk
    Bohdana Hoholiuk Bohdana Hoholiuk Director of procurement shop

  • Maksym Krylov
    Maksym Krylov Maksym Krylov Chef of the restaurant Fabbrica

  • Liubov Romanko
    Liubov Romanko Liubov Romanko Chief Fabbrica&DelikaciaBakery&b93l4

  • Anna Melnyk
    Anna Melnyk Anna Melnyk JamCafe Chef

  • Svitlana Byhunyak
    Svitlana Byhunyak Svitlana Byhunyak Chief Accountant

  • Lesia Dantsevych
    Lesia Dantsevych Lesia Dantsevych Assistant chief accountant

  • Tetiana Kuchma
    Tetiana Kuchma Tetiana Kuchma Accountant

  • Iryna Kozar
    Iryna Kozar Iryna Kozar Accountant

  • Nadiia Babii
    Nadiia Babii Nadiia Babii Financial manager

  • Lyudmila Zhilyuk
    Lyudmila Zhilyuk Lyudmila Zhilyuk Finance manager

  • Liliia Vasylieva
    Liliia Vasylieva Liliia Vasylieva Financial manager

  • Halyna Kochenash
    Halyna Kochenash Halyna Kochenash Cashier manager

  • Vlada Feichuk
    Vlada Feichuk Vlada Feichuk HR-manager

  • Lyubava Fedoryshyn
    Lyubava Fedoryshyn Lyubava Fedoryshyn HR

  • Oleh Toder
    Oleh Toder Oleh Toder Supply manager

  • Anastasia Kulish
    Anastasia Kulish Anastasia Kulish SMM

  • Oksana Tymchenko
    Oksana Tymchenko Oksana Tymchenko Senior bartender JamBar